• Less than 4 hours to register for the Montana Challenge coming up this weekend! No late registrations allowed!

  • Wednesday is the last day to pre-register and pre-pay for the 2-day Montana Challenge coming up next weekend (May 23-24). No late registrations will be accepted!

    Please visit www.greatfallsracing.com for the link to register and pay.

    Then, join us in Helena on May 23rd and 24th for the first of three Montana Challenge weekends. Region 105 is hosting, and pre-registration and pre-payment is required. Registration ENDS at midnight on Wednesday, May 20th.
  • A few of us will be meeting at Buffalo Wild Wings Today for lunch around 11:15 or so. Feel free to join us!
  • The weather is perfect for lunch on Saturday!
    Does 11:15 am work for everyone?

    BWW, MRPC, or Bostons?
  • We were looking at the forecast for this weekend's cruise.

    If it is raining, would you all be interested in going out to lunch on Saturday instead? (11:15 -11:30ish)

    Our options are Buffalo Wild Wings, Bostons, or MacKenzie River Pizza.

    Please let us know if you would like to join us, and if so, if you have a choice from above on where you would like to eat.



Upcoming Dates

May 16th, 10am

May 23rd-24th-Region 105's Montana Challenge Pre-register and pre-pay by midnight, May 20th
RMESTC, Helena, MT

May 28th, 7pm
Monthly Meeting-MEA Building

June 7th-Montana Expo Park

June 13th-14th-Region 38's Montana Challenge
RMESTC, Helena, MT

June 25th, 7:00pm
Monthly Meeting-MEA Building

July 5th-Montana Expo Park

July 18th-19th-Region 52's Montana Challenge
RMESTC, Helena, MT

July 30th, 7:00pm
Monthly Meeting-MEA Building

August 15th-16th-29th Annual TOP GUN
RMESTC, Helena, MT

August 27th, 7:00pm
Monthly Meeting-MEA Building

August 30th-Montana Expo Park

September 19th-20th-Cone Heads
RMESTC, Helena, MT

September 24th, 7:00pm
Monthly Meeting-MEA Building

October 4th-Montana Expo Park

October 11th-Montana Expo Park

October 29th, 7:00pm
Monthly Meeting-MEA Building

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